Social Responsibility

Projects in Progress

We plant trees for every talent we recruit for you.

We are committed to promoting environmental conservation, animal welfare, and upholding the rights of marginalized groups. Our company firmly believes in egalitarianism and strives to foster diversity and inclusion. We view our work as not only a means of personal and professional growth, but also as an opportunity to contribute to afforestation and the sustainable development of our forests.

Talentra has gained its success through its valued team of consultants, customers, and candidates. Through our collective efforts, we have contributed to the planting of over 3,000 larch and oak trees, and since February 2023 we have transferred our services, related to this project, to AHBAP.

Darüşşafaka Schools

Contribution to Equal Opportunities in Education for the Children

Our organization makes contributions to the Darrüşşafaka Association, a reputable institution that aims to provide underprivileged and gifted children with equal opportunities in education. This association is dedicated to offering lifelong learning opportunities to talented children whose parents have passed away or have insufficient financial means to support their education.

Completed Projects

Providing Quality Education for Children who Live in Villages

Our organization provides support to Koda, also known as Village Schools Exchange Networks, which is a collaborative community consisting of dedicated teachers and volunteers. Their primary objective is to enhance the standard of education in rural areas. Through their collective efforts, Koda aims to make a positive impact on the quality of education provided to children living in villages.

Village Schools Exchange Networks
Bogazici University Foundation

Bogazici University Foundation

Our organization contributes to the Boğaziçi University Foundation by providing scholarships that aid in the realization of its vision for a brighter future. Boğaziçi University is a world-renowned institution that has established itself as a leader in the fields of education, research, and globalization. By supporting the foundation's goals, we strive to promote and facilitate the growth and development of this exceptional institution.

Hayalime Ortak Ol Project

We support Share My Dream Foundation, whose mission is to fulfill the dreams of underprivileged children. Through providing educational support, we are engaged in collaborative projects aimed at opening career paths for young individuals in the medium and long term.

Earthquake Victims Recruitment Solidarity Project: DiD

In february 2023 an earthquake with magnitude of 7.8 in the central area of Turkey has changed many people’s lives over night. Many lost their jobs. Talentra began its new mission to create an emergency project to recruit among those who lost their jobs due to the disaster. In this project, we began collaborating with companies and corporations to create a CV pool and put eligible candidates among the victims to work. The process includes evaluation process of cadidates, preparing reports and mentoring candidates who are seeking jobs. This project is still ongoing.

Talentra’s Animals

At last, Talentra has always cared about animals, and specifically endangered species. Our Illustrator Ada Soysal creates the beautiful artwork that we use on our job ads and in our website. Talentra cares about raising awareness, and promoting art and supporting artists.
Talentra’s Animals