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We strongly believe that a company's strength lies in its team of creative and talented individuals. Since our establishment in January 2012 under the Talentra brand, we have built a top-tier recruitment team dedicated to empowering our clients. Our team consists of over 40 expert consultants, supported by a central management team of 20, all committed to finding the best talent globally.

Our consultants bring extensive professional experience and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. This allows us to maintain a large database and a wide network of connections, which we utilize to help you find the ideal talent for your requirements.

Whether you are an organization seeking to build an outstanding team or a skilled professional in pursuit of your dream job, our team is here to support your success. Join us today and witness the capabilities of our exceptional team and extensive resources.

10+ years of recruitment services that benefit from a constantly upgrading business model


40+ competent recruitment consultants who operate in diverse fields


Account managers who offer customer support through consistent and proactive communication with clients


A highly efficient R&D team that specializes in speedy process development


Over 30,000 annual interviews and professional evaluation of individual talents


An innovative, globally-oriented structure that fosters development and growth


Our Values and Culture

Our recruitment service is aligned with our mission to enhance our customers' business value in the global market through our sharing economy business model and AI solutions.

Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

It is the cornerstone of our organization and serves as a guiding principle for our major decisions. As a team, safeguarding this value is our topmost priority.

We are a cohesive team that values mutual support and growth. We believe in sharing our collective success to foster shared growth and development.

Human Focus

Human Focused

Our aim is to create a positive impact on everyone we interact within our field of work. We prioritize cultivating long-term partnerships that are grounded in trust and ethical principles. Our communication style is marked by transparency and openness.

Sense of Responsibility

Sense of Responsibility

We have confidence in our meticulous approach to work, dedicating ourselves to every task with utmost care. Our unwavering commitment lies in facilitating the growth and development of our business partners.

Innovation and Development

Innovation and Development

We strive to incorporate innovative ideas and new technologies into our processes. We believe in empowering our consultants by providing them with adequate training and mentorship to foster their professional development and help them reach their full potential.

Respect for Living Beings and Nature

Respect for Living Beings and Nature

Our concern extends beyond the values of our company to encompass the broader ecosystem in which we operate. We hold great reverence for all living beings and nature, and are mindful of the positive impact our work has on them.