Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor

  • Expertise : Product Management
  • Location : Denizli, Türkiye
  • FullTime
  • Permanent
  • OnSite

Job Description

We are looking for a 'Production Supervisor' for our business partner in the cable production industry based in Europe.


Main qualifications

  • Engineering degree (electrical, mechanical or industrial engineering is preferred)
  • 5 years experience of cable production
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Strong analytical and communication skills

Competencies expected:

  • Production planning and monitoring 
  • Application of standards 
  • Continuous improvement 
  • Maintain and optimize impact of cross trained flexible team 
  • Audit 
  • Deployment and monitoring of key indicators 
  • Formalization and transmission of know-how 
  • Team work 
  • Leadership and management 
  • Customer satisfaction 


Main Responsibilities

The Production Supervisor manages and leads one of the production teams above, in line with objectives in safety, quantity, quality, costs and deadlines in respect of People and Customers. They enforces the safety and environment standards to their teams.

Management and leadership

  • Manage safety- and environment-issues around processes and equipment.
  • Makes people motivated to be part of ambitious and realistic challenges
  • Creates enthusiasm and promotes commitment of people
  • Manage and function competencies regarding available company models, personal attributes, education, experience.
  • Develops talents within teams.
  • Develops autonomy and creates development opportunities for each team member.
  • Use visual aids and involve teams in the decision-making process.
  • Takes part in recruiting within working area.
  • Proposes the annual training plan.
  • Identifies weaknesses and define cross-training requirements within area.

Application of standards

  • Performs the necessary checks to ensure the production standards are applied within perimeter
  • Ensures the necessary vigilance to the application of production standards.
  • Sets the relevant actions to come back to the production standards
  • Formalize standards based on audit results and deviation analysis

Continuous improvement

  • Ensures daily continuous improvement dynamism within the team
  • Identifies new ideas for process/product improvement within perimeter
  • Analyzes effective progresses and gives feedback to key people
  • Supervises the set up of the solution/ corrective action
  • Problems are identified and handled by the “Settle Quickly, Eradicate and Control” method.
  • Motivates operators to be proactive in detecting and reporting the problems they meet
  • Introduces and explains to their team continuous improvement by the SQDCE methodology.

Monitoring of production

  • Prepares and monitors the production schedule within  area with focus on flow and leadtime.
  • Monitors the plant production schedule, optimizes, if necessary, the production schedule within their area after analyzing the general plant schedule.
  • Sets realistic objectives, in line with plant KPI’s, to their teams
  • Designs and monitors an action plan to reach the industrial and financial performance objectives of their perimeter.
  • Optimizes, if necessary, the production schedule within their area after analyzing the impacts of their decisions.
  • Identifies and analyzes the bottlenecks within their area.
  • Optimizes available resources within their area.

Monitoring of performance

  • Analyzes performance indicators and gaps to OPI’s and objectives in their perimeter
  • Contributes to the action plan design to reach the performance objectives for their perimeter
  • Motivates their teams to reach performance objectives in their perimeter

Team work

  • Creates constructive and positive team spirit to reach the team objectives
  • Creates opportunities to develop the autonomy of the team
  • Warms the next shift about specific points to check
  • Makes sure the performance is kept stable during and after the shift change-over

Think Customer

  • Makes customers and their needs a primary focus of their actions; and develops and sustains productive customer relationships.


Location : Denizli


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